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Welcome to Miss Coco

Enjoy Life

At Miss Coco, we bring together the rich and aromatic worlds of specialty coffee and award-winning chocolate. Inspired by a backpacking journey that sparked a passion for these two beloved products, our founder crafted a unique experience where you can enjoy the finest coffee and chocolate under one roof. Step into our cozy space and let the familiar aromas of coffee and cocoa make you feel at home.

Our Bestsellers

Colombian Specialty Coffee Beans:

Handpicked and roasted to perfection, offering a rich and balanced flavor.

Blue Gesha

Exotic Specialty Coffee

Wush Wush

Exotic Specialty Coffee

Award-Winning Chocolate Bars:

Crafted from premium cocoa beans, our chocolate bars have won 11 international medals.

Sur del Lago

Single origin chocolate bar

Pengkalan Hulu

Award Winning AVPA 2024 - Single origin

Sustainability Fair Trade Enjoy Life Traceability

Our purpose is to help and inspire the farmers and all the people involved in the process to get our coffee, to get a better quality of life and a better future.