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Origins - Enjoy tastes from different places

The world in your cup!




Newerly Gutierrez and his family have been coffee farmers for generations. They have always worked to produce quality coffee and now, in addition to regular coffee, they also specialize in specialty coffee. Newerly and his siblings are Q graders and specialize in sourcing exotic coffee beans that result in excellent cups of coffee.

Los Almendros

The Ducuara family is highly involved in the coffee industry and strives to produce high-quality coffee while also being environmentally conscious.

Wilson Ducuara was born and nurtured in the midst of coffee fields. Wilson is a native of San Antonio Tolima, and he purchased Los Almendros property a few years ago, where they have exotic coffee types such as Pink Bourbon, Gesha, Wush Wush, and others. Since then, Wilson has lived in Anzoátegui with his family ane been working hard to understand both the enviromental and production aspects of coffee.

El Diviso

Finca el Diviso is a family business, they moved to Huila looking for a better future.

Jose and Martha had two children who are the inspiration for producing better coffee every day.
Nowadays the family has become a high-quality coffee production team.
Nestor the older son is a coffee taster and since then he has dedicated himself to advising the family on the sowing of exotic varieties and different processes, they are convinced that quality is the right route to success.

Las Flores

Edilberto Vergara and Nubia Ayure started working on Las Flores farm on 1990 with Caturra and Colombia varieties. Since 2006 the family has been adding other commercially better-known varieties such as Java, Pacamara, Tabi, Pink Bourbon, Chiroso Caturra and Catimore.

In addition, their three children have been trained in different areas of coffee production such as cultivation, processing, Cupping and preparation. Carlos and Diego, are in charge of most of the logistics on the farm. While Johan is in charge of qualities, cupping and verifying processes; he also has experience with natural processes so he focuses on those.


El Mirador / Planadas

Planadas is a municipality from Tolima. Currently it has 55 associations of
coffee producers. 

Los Girasoles / San Antonio

Wilkim’s family, started in coffee when they bought a farm in Las Justas vereda where they grew coffee of Typica variety, but it wasn’t very productive. They moved to a lower part of the farm and started planting the Caturra variety, which improved the productivity. When their children started attending school, they bought another farm closer to the school and named it Los Girasoles. They started growing coffee and building a house. Huelgos family discovered the quality of their coffee and started receiving better prices by becoming a member of a high-quality coffee producers association. They sent a special lot of washed coffee to the Cup of Excellence, winning first place in the Tolima department and third place in Colombia. Since then, they have been working hard to improve coffee production and marketing, and their coffee is now being enjoyed in many countries.