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Miss Coco offers competitive prices for wholesale and volume products. Our direct relationships with farmers ensure fair pricing and high-quality coffee and chocolate. Contact us for quotes and let us provide you with the best products for your business.

Corporate Services

Enhance your corporate events with Miss Coco’s exclusive coffee services. We provide:

Event Catering

Espresso machines and skilled baristas to serve delicious drinks at your events.

Special Drinks

Unique drinks for events, and pour-over coffee to impress VIPs.

Office Barista Services

A dedicated barista to serve coffee during office hours, creating a coffee bar experience for your employees.

Contact us to discuss your corporate needs and how we can make your events unforgettable.

Workshops and Training

Miss Coco offers a range of workshops and training sessions, including:

Learn the fundamentals of coffee, from bean to cup.

Master the art of creating beautiful designs in your coffee.

Gain insights into starting and running a successful coffee shop.

Develop skills needed for a career in the coffee industry.

Enhance your customer service skills.

Discover the perfect combinations of coffee and chocolate flavors.